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Re-mapping your engine management system for enhanced
performance of standard Factory Engine Control Units
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Did you know that your car is de tuned! EcuTek upgrades unlock the hidden potential of your factory engine management system by tuning performance for more power, more torque

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EcuteK supports the retuning of the factory ECU in your, Nissan, Great Wall, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazda.
Both Normally Aspirated, Turbo Petrol and Turbo Diesel.
To see more details and what can be done with a simple Pro Cable or a complete custom tune follow the links here.

EcuTeK boasts a long list of high performance ECU tuners, Mitsubishi (UK with the FQ models), Cosworth (USA and UK), Subaru (UK with the Prodrive models), MRT, Mazda Crawford Performance (ie Ken Blocks incredible cars) all use our ECU Upgrade

RaceROM is a suite of feature enhancements available for OEM ECUs tuned with EcuTek tuning tools, which offers increased tuning & driving capabilities.. Learn More RaceROM

Increase Power and torque

Did you know that your car is detuned!
Unlock the hidden potential of factory ECU's

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Improve reliability, economy

100% money back satisfaction
Guarantee National Warranty

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Worlds Number 1 here in Aus

Mitsubishi (UK with the FQ models)
Cosworth (USA and UK)
Subaru (UK with the Prodrive models)
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Delta ECU

Question: Why is EcuTek not willing to sell reprogramming software to enthusiasts?

Question: Why is EcuTek not willing to sell reprogramming software to enthusiasts?

EcuTek programming software makes tuning of the standard ECU possible. Successful, safe results still require the input of an experienced tuner, to know what should be changed, and where the limits are. The price of EcuTek programming software is spread across the multiple cars that are tuned by each of our trade customers and the pricing structure is not suitable for purchasing for tuning a single car.
EcuTeK are always researching and developing new features and products - supplying this complex software to the enthusiast would involve devoting a significantly larger amount of time to email and telephone support, which would limit the time we can spend on R&D.


Why should the standard ECU be reprogrammed rather than buying a new aftermarket unit?

Why is standard ECU better after being reprogrammed ?

There are many reasons to stay with the standard ECU:

  • Specification: The ECU is extremely fast and has a very powerful processor.
  • Development: Your car manufacturer invest millions of $$ in software calibration and we all can benefit from this. We only need to work on approximately 3% of the data contained in the ECU. This way we retain all of the difficult and time consuming mapping such as transients, warm up, cold start, overrun.
    We can then concentrate on remapping outside the parameters set at the conservative setting issued at the factory. Aftermarket replacement ECU's cannot ever hope to compete with the speed, power and complexity of the standard unit, this is why the ability to re-map in the way we can renders these units and add-on signal modifiers obsolete.
  • Functionality: All functions of the standard ECU remain. Features such as diagnostic trouble codes, ECU control of the climate system, vehicle immobiliser and fault code memory. None of these functions are available with replacement programmable ECU's and with the add-on signal modifiers which cut into the vehicle wiring, they can actually add a fault due to the ECU seeing the wrong signals.
  • Security: Programming is performed via the diagnostic socket of the car. No hardware or wires are added or removed from the ECU. The standard factory diagnostic unit will report the ECU as being normal and unaltered.
  • See the aftermarket ECU comparison for more information.


Original 'Unisia JECS' ECUPossum Link ECUDasTek Unichip
ECU TypeComplete ECUComplete ECUPiggyBack ECU
FittingPlug and play. Change in 3 minutes.Plug and play. Change in 3 minutesRequires cutting of loom wiring.
AppearanceECU fits car as standard. No signs of modification.Replacement PCB - board differs in appearance, though fits in the original casing.Additional cigarette packet sized unit
ReprogrammableYes, by Subaru or EcuTek dealer.Yes. With Link handset or laptop software by dealer or owner.Yes. By Unichip Dealer Only.
Compatibility with Subaru Diagnostic ToolsFull compatibility and accuracyNot CompatibleCompatible, though diagnostic tools will read inaccurate values from the ECU, since the piggyback module modifies the I/O signals of the ECU.
Reports diagnostic trouble codes when engine parameters go out of safe limitsYesNoYes
Mapping effort required to get good idle, cold start & aircon functionNone - ECU does this as standard. Only modify what is required.Provided with a default map that will start and run the car.None - Piggyback only modifies what is required, leaving what is already ok intact.
Air Flow Metering MethodMass Air FlowDensity-RPM principle using MAP sensorMass Air Flow
Closed Loop Lambda ControlYesYesYes
Closed Loop Knock CorrectionYesYesYes
Charcoal Cannister Purge Control (Emissions)YesYesYes
Air-con aware Idle ControlYesYes (including cooling fan)Yes
Fuel and Ignition Map Resolution (RPM x Load)16x16 (256 zones)10x20 (200 zones)17x12 (204 zones)
Load Scaling MapsYesChoice of two default maps held within ECUNo
RPM Scaling MapsYes - RPM Intervals may be individually specifiedNo - Fixed 500 RPM intervalsNo - Fixed 500 RPM intervals
Boost ControlYes. Closed loop control by duty cycle, boost pressure and atmospheric compensation maps.Yes. Closed loop by algorithm.Optional Extra, available as an additional module.
Boost Map Resolution8x8 (64 zones), 2 maps16x1 (16 zones) for target boost values. 
Wastegate Map Resolution8x8 (64 zones), 2 maps plus configurable turbo dynamics controlN/A 
Rev Limit AdjustmentYesYesNo
Soft (Smooth) Rev LimitingYesYesYes
Speed Limit AdjustmentYesYesNo


After 2 years and thousands of hours in development, the worlds number one aftermarket factory ECU tuning software has been released for the R35 GTR.

Ecutek held back release of this software in its wish to launch a tuning solution that is 100% the best available anywhere. For more info follow this link

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