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The Core Products

Delta Dash Tuning And Diagnostic Software

This is the ultimate in tuning aids. Whether you are a professional tuner with a four wheel drive dyno or a home enthusiast, you can now display and capture data of a type you have never dreamed and at a speed you would never have believed. The Delta Dash currently support Subaru (and the Mitsubishi Evo range of cars are soon to be added). NOTE this is not a program to re tune your ECU.

The Delta Dash software can retrieve data many times faster than the standard Subaru Select Monitor using the power of a Windows PC and more efficient data retrieval methods. The software will simultaneously display as many analogue or digital parameters as the ECU is willing to supply, and that you have screen space to display! Plus with this product you can do "on road dyno plots, and "user tuning"

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Delta Dash In Car Kit

NOTE this product is no longer manufactured but may be available through secondhand sources.

The ultimate accessory for your Subaru! Simply plugs into your factory OBDII data port. Includes factory fitting kit at no extra cost. Displays all available data that your ECU receives or generates, such as:

  • boost (where turbo fitted!)
  • water temp
  • oil pressure
  • voltage
  • fuel mixture.
  • and more!

EVEN allows boost, RPM limit, fuel and ignition adjustment. (Requires user tune).

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FlashCAN Nissan GTR

Supported Vehicles:

JF01C - JDM Nissan GTR 2008

JF01D - JDM Nissan GTR 2008

JF30A - US Nissan GTR 2008

F30C - US Nissan GTR 2008

JF51A - EU Nissan GTR 2009

JF60A - EU Nissan GTR 2009

JW93A - EU Nissan GTR 2010

JW99A - ME Nissan GTR 2010

KB54B - EU Nissan GTR 2011

R5116 - EU Nissan GTR 2010

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