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Why add Features to the Standard ECU?

What is RaceROM?

RaceROM is a suite of feature enhancements available for OEM ECUs tuned with EcuTek tuning tools, which offers increased tuning & driving capabilities. RaceROM is available for specific ranges of engine management systems, initially for Subaru electronic throttle (Drive-by-wire) based ECUs. It will also be available for Nissan GT-R shortly.

Without question, the OEM ECU offers the best cold start, driveability and refinement when compared to aftermarket ECU hardware. However, many aftermarket ECUs provide extra (generally motorsport related) features, that many enthusiasts desire. Unfortunately, when replacing the standard ECU with an aftermarket ECU, the refinement of the standard ECU is often lost.

Now with EcuTek RaceROM, this compromise is no longer necessary. By way of a software upgrade to the standard ECU, RaceROM adds many custom calibration options to the standard OEM ECU, offering features beyond the standard fuelling, ignition and boost control, yet retaining its driveability, sophistication and fuel economy.

Newly added features

  • Vehicle Speed Limiter for Road & Race
  • Fuel Injector Scale Byte in Road & Race (for alternate fuel use)
  • Improved Map Tracing for Speed Density
  • Improved Launch ControlThere is also a new RaceROM live data parameter:
  • Throttle Delta - For use when tuning low speed lean AFR throttle transitions


Below, the features available for each vehicle type are detailed.


RaceROM Subaru

RaceROM for Subaru is available now! RaceROM currently supports the following features on Subaru Electronic Throttle based ECUs:

  • Map Switching for Fuel, Accelerator, Timing, Boost, VVT and Rev Limit.

  • Per-gear boost control.

  • Per-gear rev limits.

  • Launch Control.

  • Downshift auto blip.

  • Flat-foot shifting.

  • Speed Density based calibration option.

Note that due to space constraints within some ECUs, not all features are available on all vehicles. However, all features are available on the majority of ECUs. This is due to the available space within the ECUs code and data storage areas varying from ECU to ECU. 153 Subaru ECUs are currently supported.

RaceROM Nissan GT-R

RaceROM for Nissan GT-R R35 will be available soon! It will support Japanese, European & US vehicles from 2008-2011 model years. RaceROM for Nissan GT-R currently provides the the following feature enhancements:

  • Map Switching for Fuel, Timing, VVT and Rev Limit.

  • 16-bit boost cut maps.

  • Upshift boost spike prevention.

  • Per-gear boost control.

  • Per-gear rev limits.

  • RaceROM Boost Controller.

  • MAF Left-Right Swap for custom intercoolers.

  • Large fuel injector support.

  • Extra Parameter Logging.

  • Large fuel injector support.

  • Visual knock warning.

All RaceROM GT-R features are available on all GT-R R35 ECUs.

RaceROM Feature Details

Go to the Feature Details Page to see a full description of each RaceROM feature.

RaceROM Supported Vehicles

Currently, RaceROM supports the Subaru electronic-throttle (drive-by-wire) vehicles, and shortly the Nissan GT-R R35. However, due to space constraints on each specific ECU not all features are available on all models.

RaceROM Future Development

Currently only Subaru electronic throttle (drive-by-wire) and the Nissan GT-R R35 are supported by RaceROM. EcuTek will extend RaceROM support to other ECU families in the future.

RaceROM Successes

During its development, several EcuTek dealers around the world have used development versions of RaceROM to test features and performance. Here are some of the teams performing with RaceROM tuned vehicles.

  • Kocar won the Polish Time Attack, beating cars with significantly higher power outputs.
  • Crawford Performance have powered vehicles in several major US events such as the Super Lap Battle, ESPN X-games, and the Gymkhana Grid
  • Zenkai Motorsports have consistently taken first place at events across Nevada in the Super Lap Battle and Redline Time Attack, setting new class records with a RaceROM tuned Subaru.

See the news section for further information.

How to Order RaceROM

To purchase RaceROM please email . EcuTek tuning products are only available to the tuning trade. If you wish to have your car tuned using RaceROM by an EcuTek tuner, please visit the dealer locator.

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