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FlashCAN Nissan GTR

EcuTek are proud to announce the release of FlashCAN Nissan GTR, providing support for all versions of the standard Nissan GTR R35 currently available, including the latest 2011 models and Nismo tuned special editions.

We have been developing this product with Litchfield Performance to hone every feature and to gain valuable field testing. Feedback from Litchfield has been very positive, with considerable interest from customers. Using FlashCAN Nissan GTR, Litchfield Imports have developed some very impressive tuning packages.


FlashCAN Nissan GTR Features

FlashCAN Nissan GTR provides access to a wide range of calibration options for the OEM ECU, such as:

  • Boost Control

  • Fuellling

  • Ignition Timing

  • Cam Timing

  • Accelerator to Throttle Mapping

  • Speed Limiters

  • Rev Limiters

  • Sensor Scaling

  • High Speed ECU Programming - 25 seconds

  • High Speed Custom Datalogging

  • DTC Clearing, Enable & Disable

  • Pedestrian Safety System DTC Clearing

  • RaceROM Feature Enhancements


RaceROM Special Features

FlashCAN Nissan GTR includes EcuTek's new RaceROM technology, providing custom feature enhancements for the OEM ECU. These features have been written by EcuTek to supplement the standard ECU functions, improving the tuning potential. Many of these features are unique to FlashCAN Nissan GTR and are not available using any other tuning software.

  • RaceROM Boost Controller
  • Provides the ability to adjust the boost level while driving, using the cruise control switches and on-board navigation display system.

  • Map Switching
  • Provides access to separate "Road" and "Race" settings for all major maps with flashing Check Engine light confirming the currently enabled mode.

  • Speed Density
  • Provides the option to tune from either MAF or MAP based speed density, and also swap between the two inputs at any time.

  • Large Fuel Injector Support
  • Provides ECU calibration for greater than 750cc injectors.

  • Per Gear Boost & Rev Limits
  • Provides custom limiters for boost pressure and RPM in every gear.

  • MAF left-right input swapping
  • Provides ability to swap MAF sensor input signals when using aftermarket intercoolers.

  • Wide Range Boost Limit Maps
  • Provides an increase in scale for the boost maps to allow greater boost levels.

  • Upshift Boost Spike Prevention
  • Provides a safety feature to stop boost spikes during gear shifting.

  • Extra Parameter Logging
  • Provides extra data parameters, such as: current gear, engine load per bank, knock correction, calculated airflow, boost error, AFR per bank, and many more.

  • Visual Knock Warning
  • Provides a visual warning light through the check engine light when cylinder knock occurs.

  • Enhanced Security
  • Provides an extra level of security to protect your work.

For more details on the current RaceROM features please visit our RaceROM page.

Supported Vehicles

FlashCAN Nissan GTR currently supports the standard and Nismo tuned versions of the Nissan GTR in the US, JDM, Euro and Middle East markets. See the sidebar for exact current model support. As with all EcuTek ProECU products if you find a vehicle we do not currently support, we will endeavour to add support for it as quickly as possible.


Power increases of over 60BHP are possible with ECU recalibration only. The addition of a performance exhaust allows power increases to reach over over 100BHP and 590lb.ft torque (800NM) at 1.25bar boost.
The addition of larger (76mm) intakes and EcuTek 950cc Fuel Injectors resulted in power increases of 125 BHP.

Nissan GTR Power Graph Nissan GTR Torque Graph


In the News

EcuTek's tuned development vehicle has been tested at the Nurburgring by EVO magazine. Using FlashCAN Nissan GTR, Litchfield Performance has designed a bespoke 710Hp Nissan GTR for Renault F1 boss Gerard Lopez. This vehicle won EVO magazine’s tuned car of the year 2010. You can be sure of results with EcuTek, due to the testing they are given before release.


FlashCAN Nissan GTR is available now! If you are interested or would like more information, please email

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