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Please note wherever possible we strongly recommend you utilise 98 octane fuel in your car with a EcuTeK enhanced ECU. The fuels we have found in is:

If you wish we can customize a map to suit your chosen fuel, please ask!


We have many options for every model car that we can re tune.
All Maps gain, both power, torque and drivability. Our aim is to bring the car on to boost as early as possible and in 99% of the maps this is achieved. We don't gain power by simply "turning up the boost" in many cases the boost change is marginal and in all cases the levels of change are very VERY safe.

Typically we have also found cars will:

  • Run cleaner
  • Use less fuel (yes that's hard to believe!)
  • Idle better
  • Have a lot more torque
  • Have improved safety features
  • Will reduce detonation, or engine "ping"
  • More "tolerant" to modifications should you further modify your car after the tune is complete

A few typical examples:

  • The 2001 - onwards Impreza STi, with standard ECU is often said to be very poor off boost and on a typical steep driveway, an owner will have to use a lot of Rpm's and clutch slip to exit their garage. 
    Or you simply want to blow away that Nissan Pulsar at the traffic lights, but on launch you get beaten! With our new map this is a thing of the past. Revised cam timing, using the adjustable feature of the car, remapped ignition timing and more is revised.
  • The 2001 Bug eyed WRX, suffers from what drivers call kangaroo hop, when the car accelerates from a low speed in a gear that is too high, the car will often lurch forward several times as the engine picks up rpm. This is significantly improved.
  • The 2008 Impreza WRX has very poor power compared to the MY09 as much as 15kw. A retune will generate the same power as the newer model!

How Safe are these updates?

As with all modifications to your car there are risks. However an important point to note is, in many cases the retuned maps that are loaded to your ECU have higher degree of safety than the OEM factory Map.

For example:

  • The 2001 Liberty B4 Twin turbo is well known for serious detonation (pinging) problems even when run on 98 octane fuel. The ECU is constantly trying to limit boost and reduce the risk of engine damage, but simply has not the Map to allow for it, as it has way too much ignition timing set from factory.
    The MRT Performance upgraded MAP has range of settings that virtually remove any possibility of detonation, plus if the car moves into a higher engine temperature range, or somehow overboosts, the MAP has safer levels of ways of protecting the engine from damage.
  • Most Impreza Maps take a lot of detonation to exist before the ECU moves it into a "DET" higher range, and starts to protect it from damage.
    The MRT Performance tuned MAP, will move into the safer MAP well before the similar Facfory map would, meaning, if you are at a track event and have something go wrong, chances are you will be better off and your engine will have less risk of damage

If a model is of a known complex "tune" then we only offer type 2 tunes (or higher).
Such as all STi models, GT Liberty and Legacy, Mitsubishi EVO models and so on.


All updates include:

  • A start map is chosen to suit your car that is custom dyno tuned prior on many other similar cars.
  • Its loaded and then custom road tuned OR Dyno tuned
  • The tune is then again checked on the road.

Sports update

The Type 1 (and indeed all other maps below) vary for the individual models eg. WRX, Forrester GT and others, and for the different years of each model. This Map is designed for the following models:

  • MY99 to MY04
  • WRX and Forester GT

Cars that have either no modifications or very limited mods. ie. rear muffler only, minor air filter mods etc.
A good start point if you want to enhance the drive ability and increase the power and torque of your standard car or perhaps want more power for a specific purpose eg. towing with a Forester GT or you want a simple cost effective update that is unseen!

If you have a STi, Liberty B4 Twin Turbo, Liberty GT, Forester XT, Mazda 3 or 6 MPS, a Turbo Diesel, radical exhaust, Front Mount Intercooler, non standard turbo or more, then this map will not suit your car.


TYPE 1.5
Intermediate update

This map is a example of the ongoing development and improvements of the EcuTeK tuned maps. Its for people that have more mods than a Type 1, but possibly can't afford a Type 2.

This Map is designed for the following models:

  • MY99 to MY04
  • WRX and Forester GT

This map is for customers that want a more finely optimised map than is offered with a Type 1 map, and is designed for cars with a range of modifications from those with none, to those with MORE mods than are suitable for a Type 1. ie. cat back or decatted center pipe or whole 3 inch  exhaust system, minor air filter mods, Top Mount Intercooler etc.

If you have a STi, Liberty B4 Twin Turbo, Liberty GT, Forester XT, Mazda 3 or 6 MPS, a Turbo Diesel, radical exhaust, Front Mount Intercooler, non standard turbo or more, then this map will not suit your car.

Advanced update

The Type 2 map also varies like Type 1 and 1.5 from model to model and year to year. T

This Map is designed for the following models:

  • MY99 to MY07 WRX and Forester GT and XT
  • MY99 to MY04 STi
  • B4 Twin Turbo
  • MY04 - MY07 2000 cc Liberty GT
  • EVO 5 to 9

This Map is designed for cars that have more modifications than any already specified above for Type 1 or 1.5 above. Or a model that requires very specialist tuning (such as Sti, B4 Mitsubishi EVO models and cars with flyby wire throttle like the XT Forester and Liberty GT) ie. radical (no catalytic converter) whole turbo back 3inch exhaust, revised turbo, intercooler and intake. If you have a big turbo or increased capacity (stroked) engine or a Front Mount Intercooler, or more then this map is not for you.


If you have a MY08 onwards WRX or MY05 onwards STi, Mazda 3 or 6 MPS, a Turbo Diesel then this map will not suit your car.


Custom Update

The Type 3 option is a pure custom map and like Type 1, 1.5 and 2 (above) it varies from model to model and year to year.


This Map is designed for the following models:

  • MY99 to MY07 WRX and Forester GT and XT
  • MY99 to MY04 STi
  • B4 Twin Turbo
  • MY04 - MY07 2000 cc Liberty GT
  • EVO 5 to 9


This map is designed for cars that have even more modifications than those specified for Type 1, 1.5 or 2 above OR for customers that want specific changes, ie. race cars, specific boost settings, a rally program or perhaps for customers that do a lot of country driving and want even better fuel economy!

However, the Type 3 can also be used by customers with an unmodified car that may simply want more performance than that offered by the Type 1 or 1.5 map, as the Type 3 map is further optimised than the previous maps with an emphasis on fine tuning the best result from your car, no matter how little the modifications you have.

Typically this map is done on your car, and its dyno tuned and then road tuned. However, if we have done another custom tune of similar specification then we may be able to supply you a pre-optimised solution. Note: this option is limitless, 400 - 500 Hp, 200 + Kw at the wheels or more - you name it - then chances are it has been done with EcuTeK. 700 or 1000 cc injectors - no problem, 25 - 30 psi boost - easy! If you have the engine built for it, we can tune it!

If you have a MY08 onwards WRX or MY05 onwards STi, EVO X, RalliArt Lancer, Mazda 3 or 6 MPS, a Turbo Diesel then this map will not suit your car.



"CANBUS" interface models

The Type 4 is the newest update designed for the latest and most complex factory ECU's
Typically these ECU;s are full "CAN BUS" interface ECUs that are incredibly complicated and require very specialist knowledge to get the best results


This Map is designed for the following models:

  • EVO X
  • MY08 onwards WRX
  • MY05 onwards STiMY04 - MY07 2000 cc Liberty GT
  • EVO 5 to 9
  • Turbo Diesel models
  • Mazda 3 and 6 MPS models
  • Mazda CX7

This map is designed for all these listed models and includes all the benefits that you would expect from EcuTeK


  • You can basically choose any (Type 1, 1.5, 2, 3 or 4) option for your car.
    But if your level of modifications (or year as listed) exceed the tune of that type specified above, then you must select the next option UP.
  • If your car is absolutely standard you can have Type 1, 3 or 4.
    A Type 3 will go better than Type 1 as it is custom tuned for your particular car and driving style/conditions.
    This does not mean that a Type 1 is is a poorly tuned map, but it means that if we custom tune it to your car we can individualize it for your needs.
  • If you have a Front mount Intercooler the minimum option is type 3.
  • The flexibility of your factory ECU allows some variation in the modifications suited to the exact map we provide within our recommended parameters above. Meaning, if you don't have exactly what we have listed for each specific type, this is not a problem, as the map we have designed is very safe and with the added learning capabilities of the ECU, it will not put your car and engine at risk. If you later do more modifications than those suitable for the EcuTeK Type you have, you will be no worse off than if the ECU was standard. This means as long as you use common sense there is virtually no risk.
  • Its important to note that the type 1 and 1.5 Maps are tuned to suit the exhaust as in the notes, boost control can vary if you change your exhaust later. Its always best to consult your local reseller for advice.
  • If you later do more modifications than those suitable for the EcuTeK type Map you have, there is no risk driving your car sensibly (ie avoiding high revs/redline) before you update to the required level.

To obtain the best and most reliable performance suited to the new mods, it is recommended that you update to the correct EcuTeK level as soon as practical.

We do however recommend that should you be unsure, simply call us and speak to a EcuTeK technician and we can advise you FREE.

FREE Re Tune

Type 2 and higher upgrades come with 1 year FREE re tunes for any enhanced part you fit to your car that is supplied by MRT Performance.
Meaning, if you buy a part from MRT Performance they will re tune your EcuTeK ECU free!

NOTE this is optional for other EcuTeK resellers.

We can simply re program your ECU. (we don't even have to lift the carpet or see the ECU) its all done via the factory data port.
If you choose this option you can visit us or ship your ECU to us.

Coded Ignition keys

Some models have coded ignition keys that must match the ECU code (if its wrong the car will not start!), for models such as the Australian Impreza GD (Bug Eye) and newer.
IF your ECU is reprogrammed the keys are not required to be re coded if we exchange or swap your ECU we will simply re code your keys (please be sure you have both!) [yes we can do this!]

If we ship you a new or exchange ECU you will need to liaise with us to arrange to re code your key. Typically we suggest you send us your ECU that way you do not have to send us your keys! we can re map your ecu and and return it to you. Should this not be convenient we can arrange new keys with new code to match your new ECU

Mapping Technology
The mapping we have carried out has only been possible due to the development of EcuTeK's in-house designed and tested programming software. This enables us to alter exact parameters within the software to gain the best improvement possible for your car. The re-programming is done via the diagnostic port and no physical access to the ECU is required.

All testing of mapping has been carried out exclusively using our own DeltaDash data analysis software. This has enabled us to carry out real time logging of all engine functions ensuring excellent results from this re-map.

Our Guarantee
We are so confident of our mapping that we offer a 100% money back guarantee, should you fail to be impressed with the improvements we are offering with this conversion. 
if you wish to use this option you need to let us know within 14 days of our work for you

Please e-mail us with any enquiries or questions you have regarding this conversion.
To order this product please contact us or place an order on line.

Map Switching

This revolutionary feature allows the driver to select from two performance levels while driving.
Available for models listed in the spreadsheet here

Put simply this is an incredible option. As far as we know there is no other ECU in the world that offers this. IMAGINE, driving along the road at full throttle and you want some extra power, you press the rear window (factory) defog switch and the car sinks you back into your seat with the sudden rush of acceleration. Thats just one option of Map Switching, all via the factory standard ECU!!

How it Works
EcuTeK have customised the function of the software in the ECU to allow dynamic switching between two sets of performance maps. To switch between these performance levels, the driver simply holds full throttle and toggles the rear heated window switch. This may be done with the engine off or on.

The two performance levels may be specified by you to your EcuTek tuning partner. You may choose to have one performance level for road use and on for drag racing. Alternatively, you may choose to have a high performance and an economy mode. Or you may choose to have a valet mode with only a rpm limit of 1000rpm, (great for people who park their cars in city car parks daily, or at the airport valet, or if you ship your car by road trasnport truck etc)

How to get it

To use map switching on your car, your ECU must be programmed with a special map switching ECU calibration. If you have already had your ECU reprogrammed by an EcuTek tuning partner, contact them for an upgrade. If you are a new customer, simply choose an EcuTek partner from the dealer list and specify that you would like the map switching feature when your ECU is tuned.

  • Click here for more data on your car and a reference guide to ECU and models


The mapswitching settings may be adjusted by you PERSONALLY via Delta dash, (PC or In car kit) for more on this refer to delta-dash.


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