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Performance Reprogrammed ECU's

Using EcuTeK ECU re tuning Software we are able to offer you updates and modifications to the factory fitted ECU's with revised mapping.
No hardware changes, wire cutting, soldered chips or intercept modules are required. Its all done inside the ECU Code!
Added features we offer are switchable MAPS, and "user tuning".

We simply update your ECU WITHIN YOUR CAR.

We require no physical access to the ECU to do this, its all via the factory data port / plug under the dash of your car!

  • No chips.
  • No soldering
  • No piggyback systems to try to trick your OEM ECU

Typically these changes are undetectable, even by a specialist. However we do not condone hiding or denying modifications to your car.
With time people will know what to look for, and on a road test the changes are obvious!

This is NOT a software product to allow you to do your own mapping,
rather a "tuning solution" to suit your cars specifications. 
(all installations are customized to suit your exact car)

The code change is a special MRTPerformance modified map, different to the many other versions around the world.
your local EcuTeK tuning partner will also be able to offer these and they will then customize the maps to suit your local conditions
The initial MAP is both road and Dyno tuned.
Depending on the level of modification you have done to your car, you will need to choose from either of the options below.

Currently this is available for many models and brands. Please visit the supported models list here and the handy reference guide here.

Read more: Performance Reprogrammed ECU's

FlashCAN Nissan GTR

Supported Vehicles:

JF01C - JDM Nissan GTR 2008

JF01D - JDM Nissan GTR 2008

JF30A - US Nissan GTR 2008

F30C - US Nissan GTR 2008

JF51A - EU Nissan GTR 2009

JF60A - EU Nissan GTR 2009

JW93A - EU Nissan GTR 2010

JW99A - ME Nissan GTR 2010

KB54B - EU Nissan GTR 2011

R5116 - EU Nissan GTR 2010

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