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EcuTek Worlds No. 1 News

EcuTek have been working hard on enhancing the map support for Flash2004 and FlashCAN Subaru ECUs.

We've added over 40 maps to nearly 500 vehicles - yes that's 20,000 maps!

When tuning troublesome, high power or other 'special' vehicles, EcuTek tuners often ask for additional maps to be located and added to EcuTek's tuning software. We then send the tuner these software updates so that they can quickly solve the particular problem that they are having on that particular car.
What we have now done is to go through all the ROMs we support in order to support these additional maps for as many ECU revisions as possible. This means that when you come to work on that 'special' car, there is a good chance that EcuTek already support all the maps you are going to need.

With the number of ECUs supported by Flash2004 and FlashCAN Subaru approaching 500, this was no small undertaking. However, the work is now done, and the update is a free download from EcuTek Update. Simply update your software to benefit from this enhanced map support.
These maps apply to all the turbocharged versions of the Impreza WRX & STI, Legacy, Forester, Exiga, Baja and all the special editions from 2004 to 2012!

Boost Control

  • Low Speed Boost Control
  • Turbo Dynamics Control Range
  • Wastegate Duty Maximum



  • AF Sensor Control
  • Open & Closed Loop Control Conditions
  • Cranking Compensations
  • Transition Throttle Enrichment CompensationsInjector 
  • Firing Angle
  • Fuel Computer Meter Calibration



  • Per-Cylinder Ignition Correction
  • Coarse Ignition Learning
  • Fine Ignition Learning
  • Air Intake Control Conditions
  • AK Knock Retard
  • Ignition Retard on Clutch Pedal Depression (Antilag Effect)



Oil Control Valve Duty (OCV)

Secondary Air Pump

  • Air Pump Control

Sensor Scaling

  • AF Sensor Scaling
  • Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Scaling

Other Maps

  • Fan Control
  • Carbon Canister (CPC) Control
  • Fuel Pump Control
  • Misfire DTC Detection Control
  • These updates mean we have support for more maps and vehicles than ever before. You can see why professionals use EcuTek.

New RaceROM Features for Subaru

Several new RaceROM features have been added to the latest Subaru RaceROM feature file release:

  • Vehicle Speed Limiter for Road & Race
  • Fuel Injector Scale Byte in Road & Race (for alternate fuel use)
  • Improved Map Tracing for Speed DensityImproved Launch Control
  • There is also a new RaceROM live data parameter:Throttle Delta- For use when tuning low speed lean AFR throttle transitions
  • Further features are currently in development so look out for more RaceROM feature news soon.

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